Delivery Service Policy

  • Delivery: We begin deliveries at 7:00 AM. The contact person must be present at time of set up. Delivery areas include most of Fairfield & New Haven Counties. Please call, text, or e-mail for more information regarding delivery areas and prices. 203-464-9320
  • Requirements: To properly install an inflatable unit, we must be able to access electricity within 100 feet of the unit. If electricity is not available, we can provide a generator for an additional fee. The inflatable must be far enough away from low hanging branches, power lines, and chain link fences. The inflatables can be set up on grass or pavement, which must be free of rocks, sticks, broken glass, and pet droppings.
  • Rental times: Drop-off times range from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Pickups start at 5:00 p.m. If additional time is needed, please feel free to discuss that with us prior to set up. All day rental is defined as 6–8 hours with the rented equipment.
  • Inclement weather: Inclement weather includes the following conditions: Heavy or steady rain, winds in excess of 25 mph, and if the temperature is below 45 degrees. Once the unit has been set up there will be no refunds issued in the event of inclement weather.
  • Payment and Deposits: Payment must be received at the time of set up. Currently, we accept cash and credit cards. All fees and taxes will be included in your bill. Your deposit is non-refundable, with the exception if your party gets canceled due to inclement weather.
  • Cancellation Policy: Any and all cancellations will be refunded in the form of a rain check. A rain check can be applied to any future order or rescheduled event.

What to Know Before We Deliver

Our goals is to ensure the smoothest installation experience so you and your family can enjoy your event.  Please help us avoid set-up delays and potential problems by checking the following items before we arrive: Here are some key things to prepare before we arrive so our team can quickly install the bounces.

  • Have the driveway cleared of cars and other obstacles before we arrive, as well as when we come back to pick up.
  • Be sure that someone is present at the time of delivery to show our delivery team where to set up and make payment.
  • Make sure a clear path at least 3 feet wide is available for delivery to the set-up spot.
  • Your spot should be an open lawn area with enough clearance from tree branches and other obstructions.
  • If you are not renting a gas-powered generator, the source of power must be no more than 100 feet away. If you are renting more than one item, multiple circuits may be required so as not to overload any one circuit. Please check all outlets to be sure they are working and have additional circuits identified in case we need them.
  • Our equipment is very heavy, ranging from 200 to 300 pounds. Please choose a set-up location that is easily accessible from your driveway or street and does not require severe slopes, steps, or stairs to access. The setup site should be relatively level.
  • We will not set up the inflatable under or near any power or utility wires. Also, the inflatable cannot be placed near any swimming pool or body of water.
  • We use 18-inch ground stakes to secure our inflatables. Please make sure there are no underground sprinklers or buried electrical or utility wires in close proximity to the setup spot. The customer is responsible for marking all sprinkler lines and underground wires. Backyard Bouncers LLC is not liable for damage to underground sprinklers or utility lines.
  • Clear the site of all sharp sticks, animal waste, large rocks, and other large debris. If animal waste must be removed, please cover the spot to protect our equipment from any residue.
    On hard surfaces like driveways and parking lots, please sweep or use a blower to clean the area.